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eqboots, treatment of laminitic horses

Laminitis is one of the most serious and devastating diseases of the horse's hoof. This condition usually induces changes in the structure of the hoof, causing a release of the plates that connect the distal phalanx and the inner wall of the hoof. The end result is the rotation of the coffin bone as a result of traction of the deep digital flexor tendon (DFT), and collapse motivated by the weight bearing on the affected limb.

The design and technology developed by eqboots make it an indispensable tool for the horse's recovery.

video It is scientifically proven that the EQBOOTS orthopedic boot provides a very thick palmar support and its buffer capacity is between 1.2 cm at the tip of the coffin bone and 1.9 cm in the area of the palmar apophysis.

With the larger soft support, the boot was applied more quickly than any other method. This aspect is very important in horses with very sore hooves, which are not able keep their limbs raised for very long.

Make patented eqboots part of your new lifestyle. Frequent use of EQBOOTS will help to keep your horse healthy.

Ensure comfort for your horse in his recovery from an injury or illness , especially suitable for laminitic horses.



laminitic horse, before to use eqboots





after, the same horse with boots eqboots